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Besides being an ancient art and philosophy of life, Yoga is also healing. For this reason it is defined as a science of health, since it helps to achieve inner peace and physical and mental harmony.

When we use techniques to correct specific conditions we speak of yoga therapy. Yoga re-educates posture, seeking an alignment that allows us to feel comfortable with our body so that it can create a physiological and psychological environment in which self-regulation and healing mechanisms work in all tissues. Any pathological deviation of the spine not only affects bones and joints, but also affects internal organs.


Physical postures and breathing are the tools that yoga gives us to re-educate the body and improve posture. Yoga becomes therapy when you use its techniques and methods to help people free themselves from physical or psychological disturbances.


This course is aimed at all those people who suffer from chronic diseases such as hyperlordosis, syphosis, scoliosis, hypertension, stress, digestive disorders, insomnia and all those symptoms that deteriorate the quality of life. It is also aimed at anyone who wants to approach Yoga for the first time and wants to know the biomechanical functioning of the human body.





  • Improves flexibility and muscle mobility, while relaxing and toning the spine. Corrects posture, stimulates endocrine glands.

  • Improves circulation, digestion, and respiratory and cardiac condition.

  • Supports ideal weight and immune response.





Learning the basic principles of postures, alignment, breathing, caring for the body and developing body awareness.

Each class lasts one hour and in it mats, belts, studs, cushions and backs will be used, among other elements.

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